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Below you can find selected key publications and web sources on the Visual monitoring of Finnish landscapes –project as well as general background material on the conservation of landscapes and traditional rural biotopes in Finland.

The Visual Monitoring of Finnish Landscapes -project

Heikkilä, T. 2007: Visual monitoring of Finnish landscapes. Photographs. Musta taide, Helsinki. 137 pp. (In Finnish and English)

Heikkilä, T. 2009: Visual monitoring of Finnish landscapes. Pp. 64–71 in: Soufflet-Leclerc, É. European symposium report. Photographic observation – a tool for landscape policies.

Landscape conservation in Finland

Landscape conservation by the Finnish environmental administration:

European Landscape Convention:

Metsähallitus (Finnish National Forests Administration) also works to conserve the Finnish cultural heritage:

The Finnish National Board of Antiquities & Countryside:

Red lists for the Finnish endangered species and habitat types

Rassi, P., Hyvärinen, E., Juslén, A. & Mannerkoski, I. (eds..) 2010: The 2010 Red List of Finnish Species. Ympäristöministeriö & Suomen ympäristökeskus, Helsinki. 685 p.

Raunio, A., Schulman, A. & Kontula, T. (eds.) 2008: Assessment of threatened habitat types in Finland – Part 1. Finnish Environment 8/2008.

The state of biodiversity in Finland:

The status and biodiversity of traditional biotopes in Finland

Herzon, I. & Heliölä, J. 2012. High nature value farmland in Finland. Pp. 200–207 in Oppermann, R., Beaufoy, G. & Jones, G. (eds.): High Nature Value Farming in Europe. Verlag Regionalkultur, Ubstadt-Weiher. 544 p.

Pykälä, J. 2007: Maintaining plant species richness by cattle grazing: mesic semi-natural grasslands as focal habitats. Doctoral thesis., University of Helsinki. Publications in Botany from the University of Helsinki N:o 36.

Pöyry, J. 2007: Management of semi-natural grasslands for butterfly and moth communities. Doctoral thesis, University of Helsinki.

Visual monitoring of landscapes in other countries



United States: