Ruovesi P40, Martina ja Tapio. 2012 © Tapio Heikkilä / Visuaalinen maisemaseuranta/ MTT:n arkisto

Photographing agricultural landscapes

The visual monitoring of agricultural landscapes has been carried out in 13 different locations, of which ten have been evaluated as nationally valuable landscape areas. At each area, the photographs were taken from 6-13 individual observation sites. These sites were preselected from maps in such way that they could be reliably relocated (for example at intersections of roads or ditches). At each site, four images were taken according to their cardinal points. Below you can find an example series of four photographs.

Sotkamo, site P4, 4.8.2010

All photographic sites were documented initially in 1996, and rephotographed in the years 2000, 2005, and 2010. At few locations photographs were also taken at intermediate years. As the photos from 1996 were produced on b/w material and possess a different image dimension, they were not used on this web site. Pictures taken between 2000 and 2010 were photographed with the same panoramic camera and are therefore suitable for comparison.

To date, the agricultural landscapes have been documented in approximately 2 700 photographs, of which ca. 200 are being presented on this web site.