Halikko P 13 215°, 16.3.2002 © Oiva Hakala/ Visuaalinen maisemaseuranta/ MTT:n arkisto

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As seasons change, the Finnish agricultural landscape undergoes several dramatic changes every year.
Four seasons in the Finnish agricultural landscape

Crop rotation causes yearly changes in nearly every the agricultural landscape. The different varieties of crops lend a mosaic look to the farmland.
Crop rotation changes the agricultural landscape

The appearance of the countryside is a visual result of agriculture. Farmers appreciate the environment where they live and work every day. Many of their farming actions also support the landscape being visually appealing to others as well. For example grazing animals, the management of traditional rural biotopes, restored old buildings and the clearing of bushes are all generally viewed as positive actions for keeping the countryside scenery pleasant and enjoyable for everyone.
Farmers maintain the agricultural landscape

Especially in Eastern and Northern Finland agriculture has decreased significantly during the last decades. Numerous smaller farms have been abandoned, and their fields have been afforested. On the remaining cattle farms, the poorly profitable semi-natural grazing areas are often replaced by fertilized field pastures.
Land abandonment and overgrowing

The countryside is continuously changing in the vicinity of the growing urban areas. Suburban sprawl causes the emergence of houses, roads and industrial facilities into former countryside areas. As a consequence, landscapes change drastically and the significance of agriculture declines.
Urbanization of agricultural areas